Life Groups


Life Groups

Second Baptist offers many different Life Groups to fit every person! 

Life Groups are the most important ministry of Second Baptist Church. It is the one place where our core values are carried out on a continuous basis.

Every class centers around the truth of God’s word, revealing how we are to Love God. Each class is set up to Love Others by sharing life and meeting the needs of one another. Classes learn to serve God by engaging in ministry together. Finally, Classes reach out To tell others of Jesus Christ and invite them to join their class.


Bed Babies/Toddlers (L-108)
Pat Hamlin, Sherry Shanklin, Leslie Sinclair

1 Year Olds (L-113)
Krystal Hammond, Lolly Bearden

2 Year Olds (L-112)
Stephanie Coleman, Cindy Woodward

3 Year Olds (L-111)
Joni Williams, Kim Watts

4 Year - PreKindergarten (L-110)
Jackie Kemp, Rhonda Taylor


Kindergarten (H-102)
Patsy Mitchell, Mary Nell Roberson

1st Grade (H-109)
David & Cathy Van Hooser, Kim Sherwood

2nd Grade (H-108)
Nancy Adams, Anne Laster, Martha Laster, Charlie Bone

3rd Grade (H-107)
Matt & Angie Snow

4th Grade (H-103)
Shelby Bailey, Lonnie Morgan

5th Grade (H-104)
Jennifer Barnes, Rose Bradshaw


6th Grade Girls (Upper Room)
Amanda Barnett, DeAnna Bell

6th Grade Boys (Upper Room)
Mark Bell

7th/8th Grade Girls (Upper Room)
Sandra Cole

7th/8th Grade Boys (Upper Room)
David Barnett

9th/10th Grade Girls (Upper Room)
Keri Lannom, Marcy Moon

9th/10th Grade Boys (Upper Room)
Brad Moon, Danny Carr

11th/12th Grade Girls (Upper Room)
Amy Burcham, Beth Brown

11th/12th Grade Boys (Upper Room)
Brian Burcham, Stevie Brown

Adult I (Ages 65+)

Open Door Group- Ages 65+ (Fellowship Hall) Larry Nichols
Small class

Adult I (Trailblazers)- Ages 65+ (F-104)
Henry Inmon
Large class

Adult I (Faith)- Ages 65+ (L-104)
LeRoy Segraves
Large class

Adult I Ladies- Ages 70+ (F-101)
Polly Cole, Carolyn Doughten
Small women’s class

Adult I Ladies- Ages 65+ (L-220)
Dale Brinkley                                                                         Small women’s class

Adult I Men- Ages 65+ (Conference Room)
Phil Higdon
Small men’s class

Adult I- Ages 70+ (F-204)
Joe Wheat
Large class

Adult I- Ages 70+ (L-102)
Jerry Edmundson
Medium size class

Adult II (Ages 50-70+)

Adult II- Ages 50-70 (L-201)
Mike Larkins
Large class

Adult II- Ages 40-60 (L-214)
Jerry Bailey
Large class

Adult II- Ages 45-60 (F-203)
Dennis Mires
Large class

Adult II- Ages 45-60 (L-203)
Kirk Stone
Medium size class

Adult II- Ages 60-70+ (L-218)
Charles Miller
Small class

Adult II Ladies (Aliyah)- Ages 50-65 (F-201)
Trena Taylor, Dianne Sisco                                                       Small women's class

Adult II Ladies (Seekers)- Ages 55-70 (L-103)
Sherry Ridge
Medium size women’s class

Adult III (AGES 20-60)

Young Couples A- Ages 20-35 (L-208)
Kent Hendon
Medium size class

Young Couples B- Ages 20-35 (L-213)
Daniel Taylor
Medium size class

Adult III Couples- Ages 30-50 (L-212)
Marty Lannom
Large class

Adult III Ladies A- Ages 35-55 (L-205)
Shana Fowler
Medium size women’s class

Adult III Ladies B- Ages 40-60 (L-220)
Dale Brinkley
Small women’s class

Adult II Men- Ages 40-60 (L-209)
Wright Jernigan
Small men’s class

Adult III- International (L-217)
Kris & Tonya Dixon
Small size class

College & Career- (L-219)
Jake & Breanna Bell 

*Listed ages are the typical makeup of each class.