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What I have learned / What God has taught me / Part 2

Posted by Brad Boucher on

What I have learned / What God has taught me

Part 2

It’s been a couple of weeks now since I sat down and wrote part 1 of my very first blog. If you haven’t taken the time to read part 1 of my blog, I want to encourage you to do that before getting too far into this one. That way things should make a little more sense as we go through this together. My desire is that you will be blessed by what God has taught me over the last 2 months.
What God has taught me about my family. It’s hard to really know where to start. Tracy and I have a great relationship and two awesome kids who have given their life to Christ. What more could a man ask for out of a marriage? I hope you will see through part 2, that is a loaded question.
My injury to my back was on June 18th of this year while in Florida on a youth trip. After the MRI and evident problems that I was having, I knew that a surgery of some sort was in my future. Little did I know that I would have 2 operations within 22 days of each other. Since part 1 was written, I have had the second of these and I am now on the road to recovery and healing.
Where do I even start with describing how close God has brought Tracy and I through all this? Like I stated previously, we have a great relationship, but even great relationships can be built upon and made stronger. One thing that gets lost in today’s marriages, in my opinion, is the fact that couples don’t think that they have to work at making marriages stronger. When things begin to crumble around us, our natural tendencies are to run and hide. I can say for certain, that Tracy did anything but run and hide when this trial/test came our way.
She cared for me with more grace than I ever could have imagined. Never once did I hear complain about being tired or worn out from the stress of it all. The real work began for Tracy from July 29th - Aug. 19 after my first procedure in Dallas, leaving there with something obviously still wrong with me. As we struggled through those days to understand what was going on, she never wavered. Working everyday, taking care of the kids, and me because there was days that I could hardly walk. Even as I write this, I am amazed at how strong of a woman that she really can be. When I was at my weakest, she was at her strongest and if you know Tracy, that is not in her character. She is the type to avoid stressful situations and would rather someone else take over. Not this time!
There was times when I was in the floor crying at the intense pain shooting down my leg and she was kneeling down right beside me praying that God would ease the pain for me. Tracy has cried with me, hurt with me, and prayed with/for me and different points through all these back problems.
August 10th was my first pain free day in over 40 days, but was also the day that I received the MRI results from the the Aug. 10th MRI. Being pain free all day, I just knew that I was beginning to heal and was going to start with physical therapy soon. That’s when I got the call that I had to see a Neurosurgeon due to something being wrong. I was devastated. I cried. I was depressed. I didn't know what to do. I had spent many days praying for God to reveal His plan and His lesson for me through all this pain.
Again, there Tracy was right beside me, supporting me, encouraging me, and knowing that all things are going to work out and He would end up being glorified through it all.
I would be remised if I didn't mention how much my kids have stepped up through these last few months. I have even see things in them that I have never seen before. The one thing that I reflect on the most are the days when they would come in the room and ask if I was feeling better. I knew they were concerned and cared. We don't always get that from our teenagers do we?
Through it all Tracy and I have connected on a whole different level as husband and wife and I have watched our children step up and help out whenever and where ever they were needed. I am truly a blessed man to have such an awesome family surrounding me. Are we perfect? No, far from it, but the one thing we do is love each other despite our iniquities and our imperfections. God is good!!!